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Passenger Safety is Our First Priority

Every day up to 83 children can be riding on any one of our school buses. Parents, schools, and our communities depend on us to get them to school ready to learn…and return home safely. We deliver.

At Martin’s Bussing, we believe that safety and personal security of all the children who are in our care everyday are our first priority. According to Transport Canada, the yellow and black school bus is the safest mode of transportation for school children due to stringent driver eligibility and licensing requirements, high standards of driver training, rigorous daily and periodic vehicle inspection procedures and maintenance obligations, and school bus design and construction affords passengers superb crash protection.

Qualified Individuals
From our experienced operations management group, to our bus maintenance team and our professional drivers – we work as a coordinated and cohesive team to ensure our focus is consistently directed to the safety and the security of our passengers and remains at the forefront of everything we do.
Quality Fleet
School buses are subject to extensive construction and equipment standards, to a much greater extent than any other road vehicle. School buses must meet stringent standards for structural integrity, crash protection, fire retardancy, and emergency equipment.
Driver Training
Our Safety and Training Program emphasizes the importance of observation skills when driving in today's challenging road environment. Industry standard defensive driving techniques are coupled with risk management skills, driver perception skills, to develop selective seeing habits.
Bus Maintenance
Our highly skilled school bus maintenance professionals ensure that our fleet of buses are fully certified. Bus maintenance schedules not only satisfy federal & provincial transportation guidelines, but routinely exceed them. We’re proud of our fleet.

With so much riding on our buses,
safety is our first priority and we continuously work to make our industry leading programs better!

“We Drive To Keep You Safe!”

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